Prospective Majors

Students choose sociology as a major for a variety of reasons. Some of the main reasons for choosing a sociology major are:

  1. To use the major as the core of a general liberal arts education. Generally such students have an interest in contemporary society or how society works.
  2. To prepare for a career in such fields as law, management, journalism, social work, urban and environmental planning, public policy and services, teaching, corrections, counseling and other service professions.
  3. To prepare for graduate study for a career as a professional sociologist. Most sociologists are employed in academic institutions as teachers and researchers. Sociologists have also found careers doing applied research in social service, public planning, education, mental health, and business.
  4. To understand the relationship between individuals and society and to better understand how one‘s own life is influenced by social forces.

Students interested in majoring in Sociology should visit the Sociology Undergraduate Office located at 3119 Social Sciences & Media Studies, or reach out via email. Prospective or incoming students planning to utilize in-person services who reside out of town should call in advance to confirm office hours, particularly during busy periods. Students can meet with the undergraduate advisors for help in choosing sociology as a major. Students may also email with questions.

More information on declaring the pre-major, the major, and double majoring can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions Page

What Can I do with a Major in Sociology?

Since sociology provides students with an understanding of how diverse social institutions, forces, groups and individuals intersect, sociology majors have diverse career choices. Students from UCSB’s sociology program have gone on to work as consultants, researchers, and administrators for governments, schools, and businesses.

Many students who earn a BA in sociology go on to graduate and professional schools in sociology, social work, law, business, psychology, counseling, and other areas.

Other students enter the business in human resources, management, marketing and advertising and in other places where analytic and research skills are useful.

Some students seek to change society with their sociology degrees. Students work for non-governmental or charity organizations, governmental agencies, and political campaigns.

For more information please visit Career and Graduate School Information