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The Department of Sociology has over 1,500 undergraduate majors -- one of the largest programs in the country. The Department is a leader in the areas of gender, sexualities, and feminist theory, the sociology of culture, race and ethnicity, Latina and Latino studies, globalization and its effects, social movements, conversation analysis, and social networks. It is well known for its cutting edge research, diversity of perspectives, support for emerging areas of study, and innovative approaches to the discipline. Faculty and students study topics ranging from the effects of gender ideologies and sexual identities in everyday life, to the effectiveness of housing policies, to the social consequences of AIDS, to the effect of the Internet on society. They explore economic factors in urbanization, the structure and dynamics of the Chicano family, and the history and politics in Third World countries.

The requirements of the sociology major are designed to provide a thorough grounding in sociological theory and methodology, while also allowing students to explore specific interests. In addition to providing a core foundation of a liberal arts education, a sociology major can serve as preparation for careers in such fields as law, management, urban and environmental planning, corrections, journalism, education, social work, and other service professions.


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