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The University of California, Santa Barbara, invites applications for the MA/PhD program in sociology. The Department of Sociology stresses diversity and innovation in its approach to research and learning. Consisting of 33 faculty, 60 graduate students, and over 1,500 undergraduate sociology majors, the department seeks to be a center of rigorous, sophisticated, and inspired searches for knowledge of social life.

Our faculty members are among the best in the nation in the areas of gender/feminist studies, sociology of culture, economy and society, ethnomethodology and conversation analysis, global studies, race and ethnicity, social movements and political sociology, organizations, stratification, urban sociology, law and social control, religion and society, population and environment, networks, quantitative and qualitative methods, and sociological theory.

Research conducted by our faculty and students is at the cutting edge in many areas of the discipline. Because our graduates have been well trained and have learned to work at the 'frontiers' of social research, they have secured a wide variety of significant professional positions throughout the country and around the world.

Further information on UCSB's graduate studies can also be found at the Graduate Divison's website. This pages includes links to financial aid, housing, campus visits, etc.

Visiting UCSB

Prior to acceptance, those interested in UCSB’s sociology program are invited to visit the campus and the department. Visits should be coordinated through the Visitor’s Center and Graduate Program Office

Students who are accepted into the graduate program will be invited to a department open house prior to the deadline for their graduate school decision.


For more information, please visit the website for The Admissions Procedure  and Financial Support and Employment.

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