Lauren Bickell

Graduate Student

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Friday 1:00pm - 3:00pm

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19th century U.S. historical feminisms,  Intersectionality studies, Feminist epistemology, Social movements, Historical and collective memory


B.A., UC Davis


Broadly, my present research interrogates the epistemological orientation(s) of 19th century U.S. historical feminisms, namely those constructed in tandem with dominant memory paradigms. My research is in conversation with intersectionality studies and located at interdisciplinary junctions of the sociological, historical, and philosophical. Using historical, comparative, and textual methodologies, I implicate a trajectory of canonical 19th century U.S. white feminisms while simultaneously exploring contemporaneous epistemological alternatives including Black feminisms and precedent(s) for the eventual crystallization of intersectionality. By synthesizing intersectionality, epistemic power, and politics of memory, I posit an alternative theoretical framework in which to situate existing U.S. feminist historiography and sociologies of knowledge.