Lauren Bickell

Lauren Bickell
Graduate Student

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Thursday 3:00pm - 4:00pm

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19th century U.S. historical feminisms, Intersectionality, Feminist epistemology, Social movements, Historical and collective memory


B.A., UC Davis


My research examines the epistemological and political stakes of claiming gendered categories, namely those emergent at salient historical junctures in the 19th century U.S. context. To this end, I utilize qualitative document analysis methods and introduce a conceptual toolkit that interlaces feminist and social epistemology with social movement theory. I implicate a trajectory of canonical 19th century white feminisms in their deference to the U.S. nation-state while simultaneously exploring contemporaneous alternatives including Black feminisms and precedent(s) for the eventual crystallization of intersectionality. Ultimately, my research endeavors to reimagine how expressions of agency and consolidations of power contour U.S. women’s rights histories and related acts of memorialization.


As a Teaching Assistant (TA), University of California, Santa Barbara 
Fall 2020 – Present:
Introduction to Sociology (SOC 1)
Methods of Sociological Research: Research Traditions (SOC 108A)
Social Movements (SOC 134)
Social Stratification (SOC 122)
Methods of Sociological Research: Cultural Analysis (SOC 108C)
Social Inequalities (SOC 145)