Laura Halcomb

Graduate Student


Medical Sociology, Sociology of Knowledge, Economic Sociology, Organizations, Culture, Health disparities, Qualitative Methods



B.A. Boston University, Philosophy
M.A. University of Houston, Sociology 


Laura Halcomb is a doctoral candidate in sociology. Her dissertation examines how medical gatekeepers make decisions about medical care in amid patient’s financial constraints and contend with the moral dilemmas posed by the cost of medicine. Bringing together theories from medical sociology, economic sociology, and science and technology studies, she uses in-depth interviews alongside historical and organizational data to analyze how health care institutions and physicians make decisions about the valuation of treatment, the morality of debt, and, ultimately, the worth of lives. Prior to coming to UCSB, Laura received her BA in Philosophy from Boston University and her MA in Sociology from the University of Houston.


As Instructor of Record:
Methods of Cultural Analysis (SOC 108c),

As Teaching Assistant, University of California at Santa Barbara:
Introduction to Sociology (SOC 101)
Special Topics in Research Methods:Ethnography (SOC 208st), Research Traditions (SOC 108b)

As Teaching Assistant, University of Houston
Introduction to Demography,
Racial and Ethnic Relations in the U.S.
Cinema, Sex, and Sanctimony
Introduction to Social Statistics
Introduction to Sociological Theory
Introduction to Sociology
Sociology of Marriage and Family
Mexican American Family