Jason Budge

Graduate Student


LGBTQ+ Inequalities, Public Opinion, Health Disparities, Demography, Gender, Sexuality


B.A., UC Berkeley


My dissertation research is focused on sexual and gender minority health disparities. Specifically, I am researching how structural stigma influences trans/gender minority health outcomes and how access to a robust gender minority community can moderate the negative effects of prejudice and stigma. I am also interested in health policy, and I am currently working a project that studies the effect of the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion on HIV/AIDS rates across states. In past research I have examined the social determinants of prejudice and tolerance toward gay men and women.
I am involved in two other ongoing research projects: 1) designing and analyzing an original nationally representative survey on attitudes toward synthetic biology, an emerging technology, and 2) studying differences across gender and ethnicity in STEM aspirations in Israel.


Introduction to Sociology  (Fall 2019)
Quantitative Methods of Research  (Winter 2020, Spring 2022)
Qualitative Methods of Research   (Spring 2020)