André Buscariolli

Graduate Student

Office Location

SSMS 3015


Conversation Analysis, Ethnomethodology, Policing, Criminology, Science and Technology Studies, Critical Data Studies


B.A., Methodist University of São Paulo, Psychology
M. Soc., University of Helsinki, Social Psychology


I use Conversation Analysis to analyze dashcam videos of police encounters. Part of my research examines how phenomena often attributed to psychological mechanisms (e.g., mental illness, emotions, etc.) relate to the structural organization of social encounters.

I’m also interested in Ethnomethodology, Science and Technology Studies, and Critical Data Studies. Another project I have been working on discusses how police officers use big data as documentary evidence of broader patterns of criminal activity, thus rendering suspects' modes of activity a docile object. I hope this project will further illuminate the practices by which big data and algorithms are employed as epistemic objects to make sense of events