Sex and Gender Mini-Conference

UCSB Sociology Department

Sex and Gender Mini-Conference

Friday, October 21, 2011

9:30-11:00. Gender and Work

Jon Shafran, UCSD. “Managing Impressions: Self-Presentation Strategies Among Women in STEM Workplaces”

Ali Hendley, UCSB. “I was a Husband, a Wife, a Best Friend. I Do it all! Gender and Emotional Labor in Private Cheffing”

Erin Cech, UCSD. “The Self-Expressive Edge of Occupational Sex Segregation”

11:15-12:30. Gender, Race, and Class: Historical and Transnational Perspectives

Sabrina Strings, UCSD. “The Rise and Fall of the Voluptuous Aesthetic: The Role of 'Curvaceous' German and 'Stout' Irish Immigrants"

Heather Hurwitz, UCSB. “Local and Transnational Activism in the Philippine Women’s Movements”

Lunch: 12:30-1:30 SSMS 3017

1:30-3:00. U.S. Feminist and LGBTQ Activism and Movements

Alison Crossley, UCSB. “Finding Feminism on U.S. College Campuses: Variations in Structures, Tactics, and Grievances”

Shae Miller, UCSB. “Living, Learning, and Loving Queerly”

Jason Hopkins, UCSB. “Rainbow Sash: Culture and Power in a Queer Faith Movement”

Anna Sorensen, UCSB. “What Happens When a Movement Fails? The California Marriage Equality Movement as a Case of Reactive Mobilization”

3:15-4:30. Dissertation Survival Tips

Panelists: Kegan Allee, Emily Molina, Veronica Montes, Craig Rawlings

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