Lisa Hajjar and her team receive NEH grant for work on Human Rights

Lisa Hajjar is part of a three scholar-team working on a collaborative research project titled "Human Rights in the Arab World: Research, Advocacy and Public Policy." The research was launched in 2013 as a joint venture of the American University of Beirut (where she was a visiting professor) and Lund University.

In 2016, the team was awarded $200,000 from the National Endowment of the Humanities; Hajjar is the Principal Investigator on the grant, which will be run through UCSB. This research project aims to redress a lacunae of knowledge about human rights in the Arab world and to situate (or, more ambitiously, to center) analysis of human rights activism and related struggles for social justice and political freedom in the region within the globalized discourse and academic study of human rights.

By focusing the empirical research and theoretical analysis on and in the Arab world, the team hopes to contribute to a more thoroughly universalistic notion of international or global justice, and to integrate knowledge from this region into what is plausibly claimed to be the last utopian project of the current era.