Flacks Fund Awards

This Fund was established to honor Richard “Dick” Flacks, a UC Santa Barbara department of sociology faculty member of 38 years.  Dick’s life work is focused on understanding and promoting responsible social change aimed at enhancing democracy and social equality.  His belief and commitment to this ideal is represented by this fund. The purpose of this Fund is to support research and education that explores the conditions--social, psychological and cultural--for democratic citizenship, the enhancement of democratic participation, and effective citizen action for social justice.  


Congratulations for the following students:


Cassandra Engeman – “Labor in Movement: Labor Unions and Migration Policy in the Twenty-first Century”

Ingrid Li – “Social Relations and Institutional Structures in American Political Campaigns: A Comparative Analysis”

Neda Maghbouleh – “Dual/Dueling Subjectivities in Diaspora: Cultural and Political Challenges to Neo-Assimilation by Iranian-American Youth”


Samuel Greg Prieto -  “Living Illegality: Everyday Racialization in the Lives of Latin@ Migrants, Denizens, and Citizens”


Oscar Gil – “Understanding Informal Labor Practices Gender in Transnational Forced Migrant Communities”

Debra Guckenheimer – “Insiders’ Creating Change:  Faculty Efforts at Institutional Diversity”

Tonya Lindsey – “Under Pressure:  Racial Integration in California Men’s Prisons”


Erik Love – “Countering Islamophobia: Organizing for Civil Rights among Muslim, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Americans”

Jennifer Rogers – “On the Trail of Mexican Maiz: Tracking a Vanishing Seed through a Maze of Globalization and the Struggle from Below”