Applicant FAQ


What degree objective can I apply to in the Sociology Department?
We do not offer a terminal master’s degree. You can apply to our combined MA/PhD or PhD program.


What are the research interests of the faculty?
Visit the Research section of this website and individual faculty pages.

How do I apply?
Please see the Prospective Students and Admissions Procedures page for information regarding admissions.

What is the application deadline for Fall admission?
December 1
. You must complete and submit your electronic application on or before December 1. All application materials must be received by the Sociology Graduate Program Office no later than the December 1 deadline. We will accept mail that is postmarked with the deadline date.


Does the Sociology Department have rolling admissions?
No. The Sociology Graduate Program Office admits applicants once a year only for the fall quarter.


How do I transfer from another department at UCSB?
Students from other UCSB departments considering transfer must apply through the regular admissions cycle for Fall.


I was admitted to the Sociology Department but am unable to attend, can I defer my admission?
No. Graduate Division does not allow deferments. If you are admitted but are unable to attend your admission quarter, you must reapply for admission. Readmission is not guaranteed.


I was admitted to the Sociology Department, how do I notify the Sociology Department that I wish to attend or not attend?
In order to officially inform the Sociology Department that you wish to attend or not attend UCSB, you need to complete the Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) online. The SIR can be accessed through your online application. Please login to your electronic application and look for the (SIR). Once completed, the Sociology Department will be able to view your decision.


When will admission decisions be made?
Generally, admission decisions will be made beginning in late January and can last until March.  Applications are sent for admission consideration only when they are complete.


How can I find out if all my application materials were received?
You may login to your Electronic Application (E-App) to view which application materials have arrived at the Sociology Department. To do so, please complete the following:

1.  Go to the Graduate Division Application website  and choose Login.

2.  Enter in your Username and Password and click on Enter Application.

3.  Scroll down to the Supporting Application Materials information. (To check if your official GRE or TOEFL (International applicants only) scores have arrived at UCSB, please look under the Application Status portion of your Electronic Application page.)

Once an admission decision is made (approximately January through March) you will be able to view the decision on your application status page.



Can I mail my official transcripts to the Sociology Department myself?
Official transcripts are uploaded online. Please see directions on online application.


I want to Reapply to the Sociology Department, what do I need to do?
Your application documentation is retained for one academic year.

  • Send written notification to our office, e-mail is acceptable, notifying us that you are considering reapplying for the next academic year. Email address:
  • Review our website for updated information for admissions.
  • Submit an electronic application (E-App) for Graduate Admission to the Graduate Division.


What is the GRE department code for the Sociology Department?
A department code is not required. Please instruct the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to report your scores to UCSB; our institution code is 4835.

Is there a minimum GRE score required?
No, the Sociology Department does not require a minimum GRE score.


How long will ETS keep my GRE score?
Current GRE Board policy states that your scores are reportable for 5 years. Your scores are retained for the 5 testing years following the testing year in which you tested.


What does the General GRE test consist of?
The General Test is a requirement when applying to the Sociology Department. The General Test is compromised of three sections: Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing. All three sections are required. Although ETS will allow an individual to take separate sections of the General test, UCSB does not. UCSB will only accept the most recent test date that contains a complete set General Test score with all three sections taken.


Can I retake individual sections of the GRE?
We do not encourage applicants to retake individual sections of the GRE. ETS will allow you take certain sections of the GRE. However, UCSB will only accept the most current complete test date; we do not mix and match scores. In the past, only the retaken sections of the GRE have been recorded and the system will automatically give you the minimum score on those sections. It will appear to us as if you only received the minimum score possible on those sections you did not retake. UCSB will only accept a complete General Test score with all three sections completed, anything else will be considered incomplete.


When is the latest date the department needs to receive the GRE Scores?
Your GRE Scores must be received and processed by Graduate Division by January 1. All other application materials must be received by the Sociology Department by the December 1st deadline.


Is there a Pre-Application process for International Applicants?
No, currently there is no pre-application for international applicants.

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