Forms and Petitions

Forms and Petitions for Current Students

Graduate students should be sure that all of the necessary forms are filed with the Department and with Graduate Division.

The following forms are internal Sociology Department forms that must be filed with the Graduate Program Office at the proper times in a student’s graduate career. They can be obtained from this site and/or the Sociology Graduate Program Office. Please address any questions to the Graduate Program Office or the faculty Graduate Program Director.

Directed Readings/Proposal for Individual Study Form: Students who wish to take an individualized study or directed readings for graduate credit must file this form with the Graduate Program Office prior to taking the course.

Course Substitution/Waiver Form: Students wishing to substitute a course for a required course must obtain permission to do so. Please see the Graduate Program Advisor or Graduate Director for course waivers and substitution advising.


MA Defense Forms

MA Form I – Nomination for MA Thesis Committee: Once you have formed your committtee, please complete this form. See link below.

MA Defense Report Form: The graduate program assistant can prepare this internal department form for students prior to the Master’s Defense. After the MA defense, the committee should then return this form to the Graduate Program Office.

MA Defense Degree Check Forms: This form verifies that the student has completed the required course in theory, data analysis, and methods for the MA. This form should be filled out for the MA committee to examine at the defense. MA Coursework Grid


Advancement to Candidacy Forms

PhD Form I - Nomination for Qualifying Exam Committees for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy: Once you have formed your committtee, please complete the form, see below. 

Qualifying Exam 1 – Area Seminars: (Three area seminars are required in a major area of Sociology): This form documents that a student has completed their first Area Exam by taking three courses in the area. This form must be signed by doctoral committee chair or designated faculty member. The form and the three course syllabi/papers must be filed in the Graduate Program office.

Qualifying Exam 2 – Comprehensive Paper:
This form and a copy of the comprehensive paper must be filed with the graduate Program Office to document the completion of the second Area Exam, the Comprehensive Paper. A student must obtain the signature of their doctoral committee chair and another committee member to complete this form.

Coursework History Grid: This form verifies that the student has completed all the required coursework in the program. Once you are ready to have your Oral Qualifying Exam ('little conversation'), please send the graduate program assistant an email so she can prepare all the forms and check that you have met all the program requirements.

Dissertation Proposal Approval Form:
Students are expected to document their meeting with the dissertation committee that approves the student’s dissertation proposal. At this meeting obtain the signatures of the committee members and return the form and copy of the dissertation proposal to the Graduate Program Office. Students have two quarters to file the dissertation proposal after they have advance to candidacy to be in good academic standing.



The following forms can be found on the Graduate Division Website though these should be filed with the aid of the Graduate Program Office:

MA Form I – Nomination for Thesis Committee for Master’s Degree Candidates

Ph.D. Form I- Nomination for Doctoral Committee for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

Ph.D. Form I-A- Changes in Thesis or Dissertation Committee

Ph.D. Form II- Report on Qualifying Examinations (advance to doctoral candidacy)

Ph.D. Form III- Report on Final Examination (dissertation defense)

Ph.D. Form III-A Waiver of Final Examination for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation Proposal Approval Form

Course Substitution and Waiver Form

Proposal for Individual Study Form

Schedule Adjustment Petition

Graduate Student Petition

Petition for Reinstatement to Graduate Status

Request for Leave of Absence

Filing Fee Form

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