Departmental Awards

The Flacks Award:

This Fund was established to honor Richard “Dick” Flacks, a UC Santa Barbara department of sociology faculty member of 38 years.  Dick’s life work is focused on understanding and promoting responsible social change aimed at enhancing democracy and social equality.  His belief and commitment to this ideal is represented by this fund.

The purpose of this Fund is to support research and education that explores the conditions--social, psychological and cultural--for democratic citizenship, the enhancement of democratic participation, and effective citizen action for social justice.  

Annual grants will be awarded to graduate students associated with the UC Santa Barbara sociology department. A committee consisting of the department chair, two faculty members, and two graduate students designated by the chair of the sociology department, will make the awards. Committee members may invite up to two community members to serve, for a maximum of 7 members. 

In the spring of each year, the Sociology Department will issue a call for proposals for the Flacks grant.

The Fund’s priorities include the support of the research activities of graduate students. The committee may consider proposals aimed at encouraging public debate and discussion of issues (e.g. dissemination of papers, teaching projects, conferences, web based activity, etc.)  The committee will consider how its grants contribute to the life of the UCSB campus and the wider community. The Fund is open to potential collaboration with campus and community agencies that share its values.

The total amount awarded in each year should be set in terms of the estimated return on the fund’s assets.


Cressey Award:

Donald R. Cressy was the foremost criminologist of his generation.  His books and articles have set the standard for scholarship in the field.  He was recognized with the highest honors in his area of expertise, including the Sutherland Award and the UCSB Santa Barbara Faculty Research Award. Donald Cressey began his career at UCLA in 1949 and was Chair of the Department of Sociology there.  He came to UC Santa Barbara as Dean of the College of Letters and Science and remained in that position until 1967. He continued as Professor of Sociology until his retirement in 1986.  He died in July 1987.

The Donald R. Cressey Fellowship Awards are given to graduate students who have completed all requirements for their dissertation, including coursework and qualifying exams, and are beginning their Ph.D. project research.  Students working in the areas of criminology, delinquency, law and policy or social justice are eligible to apply.  Applications will be evaluated on the basis of their scholarly merit, their potential for applying sociological insight to pressing social issues and their potential to impact public policy.


Spaulding Award:

Charles B. Spaulding was deeply involved in the early development of the department and campus.  "He came to UCSB in 1952, as the only (but not the first) sociologist in the Department of Social Sciences.  From 1956 to 1959 Charles was Chair of that Department and then was appointed Chair of the new Department of Sociology and Anthropology (1961-64).  His leadership resulted in 10 new faculty appointments, an expansion of the undergraduate curriculum, and the strengthening of the new graduate program in Sociology. Charles Spaulding's concern for his students wand his insistence that they hold themselves to high standards of performance was widely perceived and deeply appreciated by both students and colleagues.  Charles was widely recognized for the depth of his professional commitments and his devotion to the purpose of his teaching.

At the time of Professor Charles Spaulding's retirement in 1975, a fund was established in his honor to recognize graduate student achievement.  The family has since brought the fund to an endowment level and changed the intent of the fund to provide assistance to post graduate doctoral candidates in the field of sociology at the discretion of the Chair of the department.

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