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Fernando Lopez-alves
Ph.D., UC Los Angeles
Research Interests

Research interests: Nation, National Identity, Nationalism, Global Studies, as well as the Sociology of War and Conflict. Areas of concentration: Latin America and Europe. He has published and edited nine comparative books on National Identity, the Nation, State Formation, and Globalization with specific focus on Latin America (South America) and Western Europe. He is also the author of one book on Comparative Historical Methods (Spanish). He has also published 59 scholarly papers in prestigious journals and more than 160 media articles in the USA, Europe, and Latin America.

Teaching Areas

130ST:  Special Topics in Third World Studies

134F:  Future of Globalization

185N: Theories of the Nation and Nationalism

134LA: Latin American Revolutions

212 A and B: Seminar in Comparative Historical Sociology

212N: Seminar on National identity and Nationalism

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Social Sciences and Media Studies Bldg 3415
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