Faculty Profiles

Alicia Cast
Associate Professor
PhD, Washington State University
Research Interests

Professor Cast's areas of research are social psychology and feminist studies with an emphasis on the family.  Her research focuses on identity formation (the process by which persons come to understand who they are), the ways in which understandings of the self may be influenced by social context such as differences in power, and the role of emotions in person's understandings of the self.  Her research draws from the symbolic interactionist tradition and its more recent formulation as identity control theory. 

Teaching Areas

Sociology of the Family (Soc 154A)

Social Psychology (Soc 147)

Quanitative Research Methods (Soc 108)

Course Listing

Contact Information

Social Sciences and Media Studies Bldg 3125
office hours
M 10:00am-12:00pm
Crash Policy

I will circulate a 'wait list' the first day of class. Students will be randomly added to the course as space becomes available. I do not respond to email solicitations for add codes. Students must attend class both days during the first week of class or they will be dropped from the course.